Saturday, July 08, 2006

Aftermath of North Korean Military Aggression

Aftermath of North Korean Military Aggression

Saturday 8 July 2006

On Wednesday, our customary six-day-a-week dose of the current NHK television novel was cancelled as the TV devoted itself to the Korean missile crisis.

Today, Saturday, we experienced the aftermath of this in the form of a double dose of the drama about the young pianist, not from the normal 0815 to 0830 but through to 0845.

This left us with barely enough time to get to the supermarket when it opened at 0900, and it is important to be early to order your free delivery, as the delivery service is strictly limited.

While my wife was shopping in the supermarket, I took my two-year-old daughter, Aiko Cornucopia Nishikawa, to the little park near the supermarket. Here there is a big sandpit where persons unknown have left sand molds, little spades and other oddments.

Here, my daughter did a practical test for survival beneath a projected North Korean regime. She passed splendidly on the first part then failed abysmally on the final test.

The first part she did just fine: digging up sandy mud. She dug up more mud than any healthy two-year-old could eat inside of a month. But when it came to the all important part, actually eating the mud, she totally failed. Didn't seem to understand that eating mud (or less nourishing substances) is going to be an all-important part of the North Korean future.

One good thing if the North Koreans take over: inside of a few weeks, we won't hear any more of this "I don't like crusts so I won't eat that part of the bread" nonsense.

Meantime, my creative juices have been bubbling away, and I have the lyrics for a new song, suitable for singing while you are waiting at the traffic lights to cross the road to the daycare center. The music is that of FRERES JACQUES and the words are:

We are waiting
We are waiting
Waiting here
Waiting here.
Waiting for the green light
Waiting for the green light.
Waiting here.
Waiting here.


Blogger Steve said...

On the subject of pirates from the other day, it seems that Nightshade books will be accepting submissions for a pirate anthology later in the year:

7:11 AM  
Blogger James said...

To keep with things nautical and North Korean.....isn't it wonderfully reasuring to see the US deploying one of their warships to the area?

8:08 AM  

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