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TClockEx Version 1.3.3 OK With Windows XP Professional

TClockEx Version 1.3.3 OK With Windows XP Professional

The screen shot shows Dale Nurden's freeware TClockEx in action on my Windows XP desktop. The version I am running is copyright 1998 and I used to run it on Windows 98.

This very capable clock includes a calendar (you right click for a menu which includes the calender) and can be customized.

Because I am visually disabled I have chosen to have the background set as black and the font as Arial bold at 24 point. The clock is now so large that I can see it clearly without wearing my computer spectacles.

The format I have chosen is:

R L ddd d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss

Here, R and L are from the options specified in CLOCK FORMAT -> FORMAT ELEMENTS -> RESOURCE ELEMENTS. R stands for physical RAM available (in megabytes) and L stands for memory load (as a percentage).

In the screen shot, free RAM is 806 megabytes and the memory load is currently at 37 percent.

I noticed some stuff on the Internet suggesting that TClockEx was not suitable for XP, but my personal experience is that it works just fine. It is very easy to use and you can customize it.

In the screenshot we see icons for both TClockEx and FreeTime. FreeTime is a stopwatch, and we see the program's title displayed in one of the rectangles to the left. If the stopwatch display is minimized, then the stopwatch will display in that rectangle.

This is handy for me when I have a cup of tea brewing in the kitchen downstairs and I want to time five minutes. I can also keep track of how long a work session has been going.

My copy of FreeTime is another free-to-use product, this one by Mark Snegg of Johannesburg.

I have just googled "Dale Nurden TClockEx" and the top result was for a page where you can download it, if you want.

I also googled "Mark Snegg FreeTime" and, once again, the top result was a page where you can download this software.

(For both searches, the quote marks were not included in my search.)

I also googled "Evan Handler temporary" to see what was up with IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY, the sequel to his book TIME ON FIRE.

TIME ON FIRE was a book I found in a library run by the Auckland Cancer Society just down the road from Auckland Hospital. It is an autobiographical account of Handler's encounter with some kind of blood cancer.

He survived, and picked up the pieces and continued with his acting career, which included a part in a series called SEX AND THE CITY, in which he played the role of Harry Goldenblatt.

He survived chemotherapy but lost all his hair. Permanently.

Because I read this book while I was undergoing chemotherapy myself, I was interested to read about someone going through this kind of experience.

I have been to to look for the sequel, IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY, which I thought was scheduled for publication this year, but it was not on Amazon.

I googled "Evan Handler temporary," then (once again not including the quotes in the search term).

The Google snippet for the top entry is:

"Evan Handler Speaker Profile at The Lavin Agency
What does Evan talk about? It’s Only Temporary...The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive. In his presentation, Handler continues to find, and share, ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages".

If you click this you get a photo of Handler himself with a no-holds-barred laughing gas smile and an unabashed display of total baldness.

He's billed on the site as:

"Evan Handler: Hilarious, Irreverent, and Inspiring Survivor and star of Sex and the City".

This seems to be the site of some kind of literary agency.

I googled "It's Only Temporary," this time including the quotes in the search term. Then fine-tuned this by adding "Handler" outside of the piece in quotes.

The second entry was a Wikipedia entry for Handler.

This tells me that the book is due out in 2007.

I'll check back then.


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