Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mia Farrow In Darfur

Mia Farrow In Darfur

She's there right now, or so I thought, when I took a hasty look at her blog, which has a post datelined 8/8/207 at Cassoni, a Camp for Darfurian refugees, its population 28,000.

Then, when I read it a second time, a little more carefully, I gathered that she's actually in Chad, but so close to Sudan that she can see Darfur from where she is.

She takes you right there, writing thus:

"Even the air strip is made of sand. It feels as if we we are at the edge of the earth. Look at the map. Bahai straddles Darfur and Chad. People cross the (nonexistent) border regularly to visit family or their fields. I can see Darfur from where i am typing this message, at the UNHCR compound in Bahai."

Her blog is here:

I googled "bahai chad," and, yes, Bahai is in Chad. I got to a UNHCR page which has all the details, if you're interested. The page is this:

I then went to Wikipedia to find out more about Mia Farrow. I had already discovered, from a news article, that she's 62 years old, and I had a vague idea that she was a Hollywood actress.

Born 1945, American, more than forty films, and, according to Wikipedia, she's been not just to Darfur and Chad but, also, to the Central African Republic.

Personal relationships include those with Andre Previn and (and now I click, knew I'd heart that name before) Woody Allen. Oh, THAT Mia Farrow.

The questions about the Sudan genocide are these: If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Well, if Mia Farrow has anything to do with it, it seems to be that case that "when" is going to be "right now" and it seems to be that "who" is going to be "me."

A very gutsy lady. But what kind of weirdly aberrant planet is it where, with the world awash with the talent of billions of people, leadership in a genocide crisis defaults to an American actress?


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