Saturday, February 25, 2006

MRI Result is Ready


Do I really need a rock-solid Solitaire concept as part of my basic skill set? Well, probably not, but Friday evening, Friday 24 February, after I fired up the computer the first thing I did was click on the Solitaire icon on the desktop.

My Solitaire concept proved to be intact, at least for the moment, and the cards displayed on the 14-inch screen of my ThinkPad were workable, and will be in sharper focus once I have had a pair of spectacles made optimized for fine print, something I have schedule for next week.

I have enough time in hand to accommodate the occasional hand of Solitaire because my life is on hold for another week.

The magnetic resonance imaging scan which I underwent recently has apparently been interpreted, and I will get the result (radiation damage to my eyes or damage caused to my eyes by the return of brain cancer, those are the options) on Friday 3 March.

Oncology is evidently busy because, if I had been unable to make that appointment, the next time slot on offer would have been in April.

My crisis, then, if I can call it that, moves at about the speed of global warming.


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