Sunday, May 07, 2006

Medical Treatment Japan

Medical Treatment Japan

2006 April 29 Saturday.

Cornucopia went to daycare for five days, half days on Monday through Thursday then a full day on Friday.

She opted to go on a hunger strike for the duration, eating nothing, but for two strawberries on one particular day. Additionally, she boycotted toilet functions while at daycare. We deduced that she was stressed by her return to daycare.

The Golden Week holiday period started today in Japan and the plan we decided on was to have a quiet few days at home, a plan which, all going according to plan, should allow both ourselves and Cornucopia to depressurize.

Yesterday, Friday, Murasaki and I went together one stop by train from the place where we live. We ended up at the hospital, where Murasaki helped me sign up at a patient at the place I will call Meijin Hospital, the nearest substantial hospital near the place where we live.

At the hospital, I was seen byoungish doctor, who I will call Dr Gunma, maybe in his thirties, who told me that I was now his patient and that this was now my hospital, and that I should come in immediately, any time, twenty-four hours a day, if anything untoward should happen.

He wants to see me, initially, on a monthly basis, and wants to do an MRI and a CT scan, both, I think, of the entire body. The machines are all booked up, so the CT scan will be next month, and the MRI, which is more heavily booked, a few months down the track.

I have also been booked in to see an eye specialist at the hospital, though Dr Gunma shares Mr Mantel's opinion and thinks that the radiation therapy is the cause of the decline in my eyesight, and has indicated that he does not think that this degeneration of my eyesight has any kind of cure.

For what it's worth, though, as a patient of the hospital I do have access to my own eye specialist.

Today, at the supermarket, I twice overlooked the fact that Cornucopia had gone and dropped her doll in the aisle. A stranger rescued the doll the first time. The second time, Murasaki went off in search of the missing doll and found it elsewhere in the supermarket. But one sock which Cornucopia had taken off and discarded vanished without a trace.


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