Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Execution Video Saddam Hussein

Execution Video Saddam Hussein

An anonymous person posted a link to the Saddam Hussein execution video at the foot of a page on which I said I had not, so far, been able to find the video online.

Tuesday 30 January 2007 I found a couple of minutes to go have a look at the video. You do see Saddam Hussein with the noose round his neck and you do see the moment in which the trapdoor falls away and he drops to his death, a shock of noise accompanying this.

The link to the video as follows:


Extremely murky video, Saddam intermittently swimming into focus, otherwise a world as blurred as that I typically see with my damaged eyesight.

The crowd is not really raucous until, with a crashing sound, Saddam abruptly drops to his death, at which point the crowd roars with a huge excitement and gets much, much noisier.

Up until that time, Saddam is seen minus a hood, true to the earlier video I saw, one with no noise in the background, which claimed, in an English-language voiceover, that Saddam had refused to wear a hood.

There is some shouting from the crowd, but it is after Saddam actually drops that they start really sounding like a mob, a rabble. It is as if Saddam's achieved death had made them angrier rather than appeasing them, and, across the language barrier, rage can be detected.

The video quality is too poor for me to be sure of Saddam's emotional state, but my own take on what I've seen, viewing it three times, Saddam, seen with the hangman's noose round his neck, betrays no particular expression.

In the build-up to the drop, there is some semi-orchestrated shouting, then the shouting dies down, and abruptly Saddam drops, snatched downward with cartoonish suddenness, his death a kind of convulsive annihilation, and that is when the audience really goes ape.

The first time in my life that I've seen a hanging, and this is one piece of video that I won't forget in a hurry.


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