Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saddam Hussein A Million Years From Now

Saddam Hussein A Million Years From Now

It is all
Water under the bridge by now.
Andy Warhol's medical misadventure
Has long since been forgotten.
The hospital may,
Or perhaps may not,
Have been at fault.
I pass no judgment.
Here on the dark side of the moon
The restaurants,
Once certain of their profit,
Lie vacant to the windless realms of dust.
Invisible behind the lunar mass
The planet Earth is minus cappuccino,
The olives eaten and the last baklava
It is more than a thousand centuries
Since latex last had use.
In Pompeii's reburied streets
Nobody is busy at the dictionaries.
IBM is over
And Google gone,
But the planetary ocean
Persists, and still holds sway,
Though the Great North Sea
No longer remembers its glaciers..
The trilobites are still,
Rome, like Warhol, has lapsed from view.
Is no longer the toast of Broadway.
Messalina's antics
No longer have the attention
Of the twittering classes.
No longer has a shrine in Babylon.
Five thousand million years from now
The sun,
Will go out.
What happens then
At this date is uncertain.


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