Sunday, April 08, 2007

Canon Cannot Fix Our Broken Digital Camera

Canon Cannot Fix Our Broken Digital Camera

My wife got on to Canon's service center here in Japan and reported that our digital camera has abruptly gone blind. We have owned it for far fewer than a hundred years and have not yet taken even as many as a million photos with it, and yet it is broken. Can it be fixed? Short answer: no.

On the telephone, the guy at the service center was immediately able to diagnose the problem. He knew precisely which part of the mechanism had given up the ghost, and, sorry, the problem was not fixable, because Canon quite simply did not have the necessary part.

However, while it was impossible for Canon to fix the camera, it was perfectly possible for them to replace it. And this, much to my astonishment, they did.

At a time to suit my wife's convenience (between 6 pm and 8pm on the evening of Sunday April 8 was arranged, and 7.40 pm eventuated) a courier called at our house to do a new-lamps-for-old deal with our camera. In return for our much-loved model (loved to death might be a reasonable diagnosis) we got a brand new model.

When the camera was sold, it came with a 10-megabyte compact flash card. I long ago replaced this with a compact flash card weighing in at 512 megabytes. Because this was the case, when we got our new camera it, too, came with a card with the same storage capacity, though not a compact flash card.

My wife opted for an evening timeslot because that allowed us to get back home after having spent the weekend gallivanting around the tourist paradise of Gunma Prefecture, an authentically rural part of Japan which does not pretend to be anything that it isn't (for example, Las Vegas, Disneyland or Bournemouth-on-Sea).

Up in Gunma, we dined at one of the region's elite Japanese restaurants (Denny's), met some of the more intelligent denizens of the area (chickens and cows), and viewed a fountain outside one of the prefecture's more impressive public buildings (a toilet).

The new camera currently sits unopened on the dining room table, as I've decided it would be better to let my wife have the first crack at it.

Once I've sussed out how our new digital camera works, on a return visit from the Land the Future Forgot, I will be able to share with you some of the pictorial wonders of this, the real Japan.

In closing, let me say that when I'm finally put to the necessity of going and buying a new camera, it will definitely be a Canon.


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