Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aiko Cornucopia Boadicea Nishikawa Has Completed Toilet Training!

Sub-Prime Poem

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a world bank.
I have run out of chewing gum, but that problem,
I think,
Is fixable.
My daughter's toilet training looked,
For the longest time imaginable,
To be intractable.
But she, now,
Is dry.
(Most of the time.)
Into every life a little drop of rain must fall
So, when the bank does foreclose
(Which it probably will)
Accept it.
And learn from this experience.
Don't make the same mistake two times in a row.
Next time, be certain,
Really, really certain
To be born rich.

The poem tells the truth. After more than three years, my daughter has finally, at last, completed toilet training, this feat finally accomplished in the month of August 2007.

We were assisted and supported by the intolerably hot weather, which made it uncomfortable to wear paper panties, and strongly motivated the beloved daughter to do what was necessary to stay dry, ie apply consistently in practice the toilet-sitting skills which she had, in theory, mastered long ago, but, unfortunately, chose for a long time not to demonstrate consistently.

If I'd prayed for a miracle, then I'd say that one had been granted to us. But, as I didn't pray, I can't grant this as a miracle.

Today, 29 August 2007, the intolerable heat of summer has finally broken, and it looks, from the long-range weather forecast, as if autumn is finally upon us.