Thursday, October 25, 2007

American Death Camp

American Death Camp

News has recently surfaced online of a disgusting American death camp where prisoners innocent of any crime are subjected to lethal doses of radiation in order to establish survival outcomes in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
Presumably this research is related to the upcoming nuclear strikes which the United States will, in all probability, launch against Iran later this year.
The prisoners are, of course, terrified, and struggle to escape. But, in today's world, American genius is expressed by detention camps, interrogation rooms, torture chambers, secret star chamber proceedings, covert abductions and masterful disappearances. For those in the grip of the American claw, there is no escape.

The prisoners did not take well to being corralled within a tiny block arrangement designed to make sure each ... gets the same dosage.

The American mad scientists who are participating in this holocaust of the innocent seem to be, for the most part, shameless. Though one admits to faltering:

"I had to put myself in quite the mind-set to do it," Byron said.

The institution where this American dream of absolute power and violence is being enacted is the following House of Shame:

"The crew is using an irradiator in the basement of Hanford's 318 Building just north of Richland. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory usually uses the device to calibrate dosimeters, which measure radiation exposure to humans and animals, and to check for radiation damage of video cameras, fiber-optic cables and other equipment."

As for the prisoners, they, it seems, were born in captivity. America, like North Korea, now has trans-generational prison colonies, with infants being born in captivity and facing, from their first moments, a life of Living Hell.

That fact can be gleaned from the following:

"A scientific supply company sent 200 cockroaches for the tests, "all laboratory-grade, farm-fresh," Imahara said."

The actual URL where America's shame is on display is the following:

and I got there courtesy of this well-worth-visiting site:

From this site, I learnt that there are now braille tattoos for the blind. Here are a few words relating to that:

[Call me superficial, but I love cute haircuts, hot make-up, and creative tattoos, but lately I've wondered, if you're blind, can you enjoy these very visual things. Well one student has thought up a way where the visually impaired can express themselves through tattoos that can be read. The Braille Tattoo, designed by Klara Jirkova (a student at the University of the Arts Berlin), is a series of implantable surgical steel, titanium, or medical plastic that's placed under the skin. The tattoo can then be read via touch. Subdermal implants are nothing new, but using them to create body art for the visually impaired is an interesting idea. Jirkova thinks the implants could be used in the divet between thumb and pointer finger, so when people shake hands they can "read" each other's names and info.]

The quote above is from the following:

In the best tradition of American volunteerism, public spiritedness is what facilitates this research:

"Lab operators agreed to the research for purposes of science education, and workers donated their time, in some cases using part of their vacation allotments."


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