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New Zealand: World's Best Outdoor Anarchist-Terrorist Training Camp!

Words Heard Through A Gag

... or, more exactly, through a gagging order.

One of the many people arrested by police in New Zealand who has been brought before a court and who has had the "terrorist" label stuck on him and who has been subjected to a gagging order, says the following:

"Its still all very murky, but what is clear is that the cops have used it as an excuse to harrass and raid as many different activist spaces & activist's houses as they can possibly think of. The net they've cast is simply MASSIVE."

The above surfaced on the following blog:

Blogger Calvin Jones has a long post about the terrorism angle on the following page:

A quote from Calvin:

[There is also an anti-coal mining campaign that has been targeted, one of its members houses have been raided. Possibly the police are using some real armed Maori nationalists as an excuse to arrest some politically inconvenient campaigners...nothing is clear. It is also possible that the whole thing is being cooked up: it is true that one of the Maori guys arresed had worked as a security guard for high wealth businessmen, hence a need for arms...although not molitov cocktails that have been roumoured!

One of the social centers raided is called 'A Space Inside'. New on one of their conferences here.]

The "here" clicks through to an anarchism blog, and to this page on that blog:


[Two weeks ago, the A Space Inside anarchist collective in Auckland held the Anarchism Is Organising conference, the first national conference for anarchists since the Anarchist Tea Party in December 2005. Anarchists from Auckland, Raglan, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch attended (a fairly decent geographical spread) although total numbers were slightly less than the Anarchist Tea Party, and considerably less than the 2004 conference in Christchurch, and the 2003 Anarchist Tea Party.

The organisers had planned the conference agenda to first analyse the current state of anarchism in Aotearoa (day one) and then, on day two, to move towards what they saw as the best way to move forward, a broad Aotearoa anarchist network for communication and coordination between centres. Day two of the conference kicked off on a sour note, when before it had started, police arrived at the conference venue, allegedly to do a “bail check” on an activist who lived there, but on sight they arrested him, beat him up and pepper sprayed three others. The activist was eventually released around 27 hours later, with no charge.]

Aotearoa, for anyone not familiar with New Zealand, is an alternative word for "New Zealand" and comes from the Maori language.

Now, to wrap up, here's a scary concept for you: ANARCHIST KIDS! As if all kids weren't natural anarchists anyway.


[Early in the conference, one attendee commented that it was the first anarchist conference she’d been to where there weren’t any children present. The lack of children certainly changed the atmosphere (one later joined, but she was relatively old and was happy to join in with the conference activities), and I wonder whether part of the reason for the lack of children (given that there’s no shortage of them within the anarchist community!) was because in the advertising for the conference, no mention of children or the conference being child-friendly was made (a stark difference to previous conferences). Part of the reason for this could be that, unlike the 2004 Christchurch conference and the 2003 and 2005 Anarchist Tea Parties, none of the organising group had children, and therefore it was able to escape their mind (and, in an extension to this, that unlike the Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin communities, there are very few anarchists with children in Auckland full stop). This shouldn’t be an excuse however, and I wonder what would have happened if people from other centres had brought their young children up. Given the lack of space I mentioned in the previous paragraph for alternative meeting spaces, I wonder if a “childrens space” could have been created, and who would have kept the children company (and entertained) throughout the conference.]

A quick peek at the website for the New Zealand Herald, this being:

[High Court sends bailed terror suspect back to jail
5:00AM Wednesday October 17, 2007
By Herald Reporters
Jamie Lockett faces gun charges. Photo / Richard Robinson

Jamie Lockett faces gun charges. Photo / Richard Robinson
Anti-terror raids

* The bush that Tuhoe rules
* 'Leftie' backs police action

A man charged as a result of the investigation into alleged guerrilla camps was last night back behind bars - less than eight hours after being freed on bail.

The High Court in Auckland overturned a District Court decision and told Jamie Beattie Lockett there was "just cause" for his continued detention.

He had earlier been freed after Judge Josephine Bouchier said that on the evidence before her, Lockett could not be considered such a significant danger to the public that he should be in custody.

But in the High Court, Justice Helen Winkelman over-ruled that after receiving more information from police on Lockett's activities. She suppressed the details.]

I went to Google News and searched for "terrorism New Zealand." It responded, in part, by asking me if I actually wanted to search for "tourism New Zealand."

Well, that used to be our image: a tourist destination rather than a big outdoor terrorist training camp.

And this from the Bangkok Post:

[Wellington (dpa) - New Zealand police refused to confirm on Tuesday reports that Prime Minister Helen Clark had been targeted by a paramilitary group, which has also reportedly tested a napalm bomb and trained dissidents planning terrorist attacks.]

It does not define "napalm," but perhaps, in context, the word simply denotes a mix of petrol and detergent, or something like that ... but to say even that much is, I guess, unwise under the circumstances, so I'll avoid the temptation to look for stuff online about Molotov cocktails, and will call it quits here.


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