Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Scheduled Blood Test

Another Scheduled Blood Test

Autumn, season of mellow fruitfulness. The apples are plentiful, and, here in Japan, the nashi pears have also begun to fruit. The season of corn on the cob is at its end, and, for this reason, I have been told to buy no more. What there is come over-priced, and is not of good quality. For some mysterious reason, which I have not been able to figure out, in this country you cannot buy frozen corn on the cob. Only frozen corn kernels. Which we eat daily.

A regular part of the routine clockwork of the year is now, and will be for some years yet, I imagine, the routine tests. My wife reminded me that I had a blood test coming up this month. Which month? This one.

Which turns out, to my surprise, to be October. Only yesterday it was August, unless my memory plays me false. On investigation, it seems that my memory has played me false.

Hauling out my hospital documents, I find that my next blood test is scheduled for October 26. I am supposed to meet my doctor at 1100, so I think I'm supposed to have the blood tests before then.

My key task at the appointment will be to get a date for an MRI in December. A Friday, if possible. Ideally after 2 pm in the afternoon, to make it possible for my wife to attend the session with the doctor.

An earlier blood test showed a shortage of magnesium, and I hope the upcoming test will show that this problem has been fixed. The downside of not having enough magnesium in your system is that all kinds of terrible, terrible things may happen to you, the worst of these being the development of kidney stones, something I would prefer to live without, thank you very much.

Until the discovery of the magnesium deficiency, which is fixable by diet, I quite failed to see the utility of having any ongoing tests at all, since the bottom line with this cancer is, quite simple, if it comes back (and the statistical pattern is that, usually, it does) it kills. Quite without mercy. Very much the Texan executioner.

But the discovery of the fixable magnesium deficiency problem has quite changed my mindset.

Studying for my Blood Test

Studying for my blood test
I try to remember
The true and real colors of the sun.
They come to me chewed by babies,
Dumbed down,
Their radioactivity leached and saddened,
Their moss
Dry and friable.
In the mixing dish of my battered eyes
The cheatsheat proves not quite adequate.
No Wikipedia rainbows will replace
The actual arc of eternity,
The vaunting prism
That I remember.


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