Sunday, August 17, 2008


We have a new house in Devonport. We have a TV and a dial - up internet.
We saw a movie The dark knight. Very confusing as is war in Europe. Did not we get closure on this in 1918 1945 1989-fall of Berlin War. ( Hugh's wife ,Ms. Murasaki took dictation)


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We have a new house too :)

3 year old Nathan is happily playing with some wooden trains as I type and your books have a shelf to themselves while the other books draw straws on sharing the shelf.

I mentioned to my historian wife the other day my surprise at reading about how the first world war was just a retaliation for Napoleon grandson's failed attack on Prussia which was his attempt to match up to his grandfather. She pointed out that these things are all linked - Ugg the younger has a lot to answer for.

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