Saturday, September 13, 2008

wisdarinom of k

having seen eight yellow chicks hatch outatrhe daycare center- karin shares hwe wisdom by telling methatevery bird has a spel tooth for opening its shell initlly i doubt this then relide yes the tooth isthebeak karas taken to declaring herself to beapeople and so amazingly she is person in herown right she goes to rot soon and will seattheagradomeesheep orua-ain haiacia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wisdom of Karen

Having seen eight yellow chicks hatch out at her daycare center, Karin shares her wisdom by telling me that every bird has a special tooth for opening its shell. Initially I doubt this then realize, "Yes, the tooth is the beak." Karan has taken to declaring herself to "be a people" and so, amazingly she is a person in her own right. [She goes to rot soon and will seatthe agradomee sheep orua-ain haiacia]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see that you're still writing. :)

I hope to see more of it.

I wonder if a telephone pad style interface with predictive completion would make it easier to write?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Karen is right -- baby birds have an 'egg tooth' which they use to cut through the shell. It falls off a few weeks later.

It is on the tip of the beak, so I think you're both right. :)

Here are some pictures:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in worked in Japan for over 2 years and discovered he was living in Japan, too. We e-mailed back and forth. Here are a couple of them;

Dear Mr. Cook,

Thankyou for your email and I am glad you are well. On Saturday I finally climbed Mt Fuji. I am uncertain whether or not I would reccomend it, but it was certainly an unforgettable experience. I am looking forward to your update and have just finished reading your "Hell Diary". Is seems to me you have a dislike for tofu, but I was wondering where the original notion of a Hell diary came from. I find it quite an
entertaining one. Much thanks!




Dear Crunchy,

Congratulations on climbing Mt Fuji! I can see it from where I live, weather permitting, but have never summoned up the necessary steel to take a shot at it.Thanks for your kind words on the Hell diary. I quite simply can't remember where the idea of a Hell diary came from. Yes, I hate tofu.



I have always loved Hugh's works and always will. My thoughts are with Hugh and his family.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your age of darkness books.

I rebought an old copy of one when I decided to try write a fantasy story. I wanted to get that level of humour right.


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