Thursday, May 25, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions.

When we go to the menswear shop, Aoki, should I buy a pair of long trousers or a pair of short trousers? I opt for both. The short trousers I took to New Zealand got worn out and the trousers I bought there were bought at a time when I was thinned by cancer, and, by the time I was ready to get on the plane back to Japan, they were too small for me.

The two minute noodles, the ones that are two years old -- shall we keep them or throw them out?

There were only two packets, so I sampled one and decided I would survive the other.

How about using the two-year-old butter in the banana cake? My suggestion was that we ditch it, which was what we did. However, my wife did use the butter which was only six months old.

Now, these circus tickets being offered in August: do we take our daughter, aged two?

At the zoo in Auckland, she was interested in the peacock, which she wanted to chase and catch, but it was on the other side of a fence, and was already running in the opposite direction. She was also greatly interested in the sea lions, which you could view through the glass side of a tank.

The circus is two hours long. Do we hold her on our laps for free or buy her a seat? I voted for the seat.

And one more decision. Do I buy the clear tape with the clear plastic case which is almost invisible? Or do I go for the luridly girl-pink plastic case?

The girl-pink version wins. A white breadboard disappears against a white wall. I need a world of contrasts.


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