Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ny Daughter Kicked me in the Eye


My daughter kicked me in the eye, not playing rough but just being energetic. The eye that got kicked was the left one, which is not good for much but which happens to be the one useful eye that I have left.

At two years of age and weighing in at a little more than ten kilos, my daughter can playfully throw back her cranium and, potentially, break your nose or smash a few of your teeth for you.

The Terrible Twos are aptly named because they have the capacity to do all kinds of things, like run out into the road, but have absolutely no sense at all.

Nothing ever goes smoothly with small children.

On the Saturday at the end of Golden Week here in Japan, we emerged from the supermarket to find that Cornucopia's hat had vanished. My wife turned back and told me to push the child home in the pushchair.

Later, my wife arrived home with three things: the hat, a box of tissue papers and a carton of New Zealand ice cream, the familiar hoky poky brand sold by Tip Top, hoky poky being vanilla ice cream containing lumps of toffee.

Wife and child were both in New Zealand for months, residing at my parents' place, but neither had tasted hoky poky until today.

The Tip Top ice cream was competing with Haagen Daz, the American brand, and was selling in the local supermarket here in the city of Yokohama for only half the price.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two year-olds can certainly be scary. Even scarier, to me at least, is being around someone who has adult strength but a juvenile mental structure - e.g. (I imagine) an adult with mental retardation (is it still permitted to use that phrase?)

rock on the blog!


8:51 PM  

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