Friday, September 07, 2007

Eight Meter Waves And 400 Millimeter Rain

Eight Meter Waves And 400 Millimeter Rain

It's 0935 here in Yokohama on Friday 07 September and I have just dropped three-year-old daughter Cornucopia off at the daycare center. We went there in typhoon weather, with rain coming down in tropical downstorm mode. My shoes filled up completely with water.

A guy who worked in a shoeshop once told me that there is no such thing as a waterproof leather shoe, since leather needs to breathe, and therefore must admit the passage of water. But I'd always thought of these shoes as being waterproof, as, up until today, they'd always stood up to the heaviest rain without letting in a drop.

Fortunately, I had a towel and a change of trousers for Cornucopia in my waterproof backpack, which is made in New Zealand of canvas saturated with a chemical which swells when wet, to lock the fabric absolutely against the admission of water.

The waves at Chikura, the place where we went for our recent Chiba beachside holiday, are being billed by the weather forecast as eight meters, and today's rainfall is expected to be, here in Yokohama, 400 ml.

Typhoons often bring flooding to Japan, Tokyo itself being a place which has localities which are prone to flooding. The heavy rains also often cause landslides, and it is the landslides which are the usual cause of the fatalities which, as a rule, accompany every major typhoon.

Fortunately, we are up on a ridge, or, more exactly, tucked in just below the top of a ridge, and our house is not going to flood even if both ice caps melt.

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