Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Counterproductivity Continues

Counterproductivity Continues

I've just had another really severe counterproductivity experience. I wrote a really long blog entry entitled AMERICAN MALEVOLENCE in which I talking about:

1. American culutre (Garfield the Cat, Dilbert and so forth);

2. My psychologically borderline American gun nut colleague and the guns and ammo site he led me to some years back, cheaperthandirt.com;

3. The latest massacre in America, which as been playing on Japanese TV today, Tuesday 17 April 2007;

4. The kilings at No Gun Ri, back in the 1950s, in Korea, when the American military made a decision to systematically murder incoming Korean refugess in case any of them were North Korean infiltrators;

5. My happy adventures with the security setup at the daycare center, which worked out okay;

6. My daughter's big news, which is that, today, for the first time that I can remember, she opted to close the toilet door before sitting on the toilet to do what she had to;

7. My online search for a free stand-alone spell checker for Windows, which took me deep into the profanity zone and burnt up too much of my precious productive time;

8. My decision to optimize my search by focusing on two of the bright areas of American culture, two sites which can be trusted to deliver product rather than promises, one being Tucows and the other being SourceForge.

The URL for Tucows is:


The URL for SourceForge is:


It seems to me that by invoking those words, one at a time, in conjunction with my download desiderata, I should be able to Google my way to what I want.

I'll check it out, in due course, and will report back if I do find what I want, which is a juicy freeware stand-alone spell checker that I could use from inside my various different text editors and, additionally, inside other Windows programs as well.

Meantime, my long blog entry has been deleted because I made the mistake of opening it with UltraEdit to spell check it with what remains of the UltraEdit spellchecker, and so this much shorter entry will have to suffice. I won't bother to spellcheck this.


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