Thursday, September 13, 2007

Apologies to Gmail

Apologies to Gmail

After some experimentation, I finally figured out that the reason why photos will not attach to my Gmail e-mails is not because Gmail is broken but because my new installation of Windows XP Professional is already at least partly broken, less than one week after a fresh installation.

This XP saga is, unfortunately, a story that will run and run ...

* * *

Friday 14 September

A disapology reversing the apology above. Gmail is definitely having a couple of problems. After being temporarily locked out of my account, I finally got access and found that, yet again, Gmail is refusing to attach attachments.

I think it's legitimate to ask whether the guys at the top have been spending too much time lately figuring out on where to park their personal jets, and not enough time focused on the business which allows them to get their hands on those jets.

I was finally forced to resort to the humiliating expedient of using my Yahoo mail account to send a couple of attachments that I really wanted to send.

* * *

My Damaged Brain Has Caused Me To Damage Gmail's Reputation

After frustrating efforts to attach what I thought were small jpg files to a gmail message, I finally tried sending them from Outlook Express. This meant that they departed directly from my hard drive, and went through our local Internet service provider, Netyou.

Norton Antivirus threw up an error message saying that Netyou had rejected the e-mail because it was too big.

I then checked the three images, which I'd manipulated earlier, rotating them so they were sitting the right way up, and found that two of what I supposed were jpg images were now bmp images, and I'd done something to them, God knows what, which had bulked the size of each to almost twenty megabytes.

Gmail has, I think, a ten megabyte limit for attachments. Also, it refuses to attach *.exe files, even if they're in zipped archives, though you can get round this by simply renaming the *.exe file as a *.not file, making a mental note to yourself to re-exe it if you ever need to retrieve the attachment and use it as a program.

I got fresh copies of the photos from my stash of digital camera images and, now at a decent size, they attached and went okay.

The accompanying text included a mention of abalone, which, in New Zealand, we call paua, and which is called awabi in Japan.

I was amused to note that, after I'd sent this message to a couple of people, the Gmail e-mail related ads that were displaying on my Gmail page now included one that would have let me click through to a site that would explain to me how Australian farmers grow abalone.


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