Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bloody Hell Google Blogger What Have You Gone And Done To Me?

Bloody Hell Google Blogger What Have You Gone And Done To Me?

Found myself locked out of my blog by a Japanese -language page that I couldn't properly understand.

Figured out enough to ask for a new password to be e-mailed to me. What arrived was a page saying I've been switched to the new version of Blogger and should click the supplied link.

The supplied link led me to a Japanese-language page which I couldn't properly understand but, more by luck than by good management, I managed to do what was required, which was to associate my existing blog with a Google account.

My dashboard page, which was previously in English, is now all in Japanese, as the graphic above illustrates.

A busy brain-damaged person doesn't need this kind of crap, certainly not at 0036, which is what it is now. Still, I have to push on because I have a gun control comment that I want to upload right now.

Tried to upload an image of the Japanese language dashboard, but find I can't handle the image upload process in Japanese. Might be able to figure this out eventually but not right now.

It is now 03:57.

Bloody hell, Google!


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