Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things Paris Hilton Might Like to buy in Tokyo

Things Paris Hilton Might Like to buy in Tokyo:

My wife asked me about Paris Hilton and her sister, and what they were doing in Tokyo. I didn't even know that Paris has a sister, but it turns out that she does - Nicky, pictured. The two have been in Town so Paris can judge a beauty competition. And, of course, go shopping.

You'll be pleased to hear that Paris just LOVES Tokyo shopping. (So do I - especially the great range of international chocolate bars at Seijo Ishi.

So what kind of things might Paris buy in Tokyo ... some ideas follow ...

- tampons
- sanitary pads
- supplementary brain cells
- bigger tits
- five rounds of machinegun ammunition (tracer)
- authentic XP-compatible CD of MRI of someone's brain
- exotic Asian toothpaste (Chinese-made)
- exotic Asian children's toys (wooden, very brightly painted, Chinese-made)
- second-hand-brick kiln slave (as is, where is ... some reconsructive surgery yet to do.)


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