Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr McGoo- Improbability Man

Mr McGoo- Improbability Man

When, as a child, I went to the movie theater, there would sometimes be a short cartoon movie before the main feature - a custom which Disney, I believe, aims to revive.
On occcasion, the cartoon would feature Mr McGoo, who was amusing because he was so short-sighteddd as to be blindddd. As a short-sightedd child, I found this vein of humor a bit off.

That granted, I must confess that I can reach back across a gulf of more than twenty years and vividly recall some vivid detaila of an episode I saw in childhoodd.
Mr MCGoo, blind as a bat, drives into a construction site and, miracle by miracle, accidentally survives a series of potentially fatal encounters with obstacles, machines and murderously dangerous terrain.
It's fun, up to a point, watdhing Mr MGoo but no fun becoming him and enduring his reality.
Okay ...I'm on an upper floor in someone's house on a balfony ... a door here leads into the house ... I could knock on the door, confess my existence, explain (how? ... then beg the way out
Or I couldd get up on the railing here, drop eown to the roof and esdape over the roof tops...
Okay, it' ... how far down?
About ten meters.
Let's brainstorm possible outcomes ...

a. I break both legs, badly, and have to be airlifted out of there by helicoptrt ... or

b. I smash fhfoufh fhe impfressively flimsy roof and end up on the dinner table or in a honeymoon bed, and aest a coupld's twoesome into a threesomeeeeee


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